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A New Take on A Great Event

The SEGD Management + Leadership Take 20 event, to be held virtually on Thursday, April 23, and Friday, April 24, will provide a holistic approach to running business from cradle to succession. Twenty plus speakers will cover models for business in the virtual and physical realms, as well as trends in leadership and management, especially in the current climate.

Developed for creative business executives, studio principals, entrepreneurs, and trailblazers, this one-and-a-half-day event offers sessions and dialogue aimed at helping designers and business people become better skilled in growth strategies, best practices, innovation, branding, management and marketing.

Take 20 will feature internationally regarded designers and brand builders, visionary business leaders and creative change makers who focus on the current business trends, cultural shifts, employment realities, and technological advancements that can lead you from startup to succession.

Presenters include Tysonn Betts, Design Director—Right Brain to the Business at Procter & Gamble Co.; Kelly Kolar, founder and President of Kolar Design, this year celebrating 30 years in business; Valerie Jacobs, futurist and Chief Growth Officer at the branding agency LPK; Philip Otto, the creative behind such retail brands as Urban Outfitters and REI; Andrew Salzbrun, experience entrepreneur and agent provocateur at Agar; and digital disruptor, Joel Kashuba, Senior Vice President, Design & Innovation at Fifth Third Bank.

Presentation topics include:

  • From Startup to Succession: Models for Business
  • Disruption in the Age of Mobility
  • Doing Business, Doing Good
  • Creating and managing a leadership organization
  • Creating Authentic Businesses in the Experience Economy
  • How-To's for Entrepreneurs
  • Business Acquisition and Growth
  • Building and Innovating Brands


Learn from their business insights and business models, best practices and take-charge perspectives. All within the context of Cincinnati, home to top branding agencies and a robust creative economy.

"Take 20 is structured for any creative business person invested in sharing information, experiences, and inspiration in a community of like-minded champions," says Director of Education Hilary Jay. “Speakers will be talking about how they are pivoting, remaining resilient and finding inspiration in today’s environment. We revamped Take 20 to address the historic challenges and opportunities that practitioners, emerging leaders and senior leadership need to consider right now.”

Participants will virtually network with fellow attendees during various breaks throughout the day and at the virtual mixer on April 23—a meet and greet event for speakers, sponsors and participants.

This event has taken multiple names throughout the years— Management for Designers, Business of Design—but it has always focused on achieving core competencies and developing management skills designers need to succeed and grow as leaders of industry. This year, SEGD takes these core values and rebrands the event "Take 20"—a new take on a fundamental event. “Take 20 offers a fresh take on age-old business practices," notes Jay. "These speakers are offering takeaways that every successful business leader can use right now."

2020 Management and Leadership event goes Virtual
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Kelly Kolar, Principle and Founder of Kolar Design
Kelly Kolar
Joell Angel-Chumbley
Joell Angel-Chumbley
Serge Bruylants
Serge Bruylants
Tamara Harkavy
Tamara Harkavy
Reneé Seward
Reneé Seward
Photo of Brittney Butler, VMDO Architects
Brittney Butler
Valerie Jacobs Headshot
Valerie Jacobs
Jim Herrera
Jim Herrera
Joe Girandola
Joseph Girandola
A partner in Experiential agency the AGAR, Andrew leverages human experiences, event production, digital platforms, music, art, and content design to grow a brand’s culture. Andrew Salzbrun is also a partner in the Hickory Wald hospitality group.
Andrew Salzbrun
Alex Burkholder has made a career of enabling strategic, award-winning experiential graphic design & wayfinding. As director of Gensler Seattle's brand studio, Alex Burkholder leads a team designing thoughtful solutions for workplace, cultural, exhibit an
Alex Burkholder
Tristan Valencia, SenovvA
Tristan Valencia
Philip Otto has been an entrepreneur, creative leader, and designer with his firm, Otto Design Group. Creating systems, as well as spaces, that maximize value for design and construction has been a hallmark of Philip's work since 1990.
Philip Otto
Abigail Honor
Abigail Honor
Anna Crider, SEGD Board President
Anna Crider
Tysonn Betts
Tysonn Betts
Joel Kashuba
Joel Kashuba
Kate Hanisian
Kate Hanisian
Hannah Anderson is the Construction Administration Lead at Kolar Design in Cincinnati
Hannah Anderson
Blake Kishler is a Branded Environments Designer at Kolar Design in Cincinnati
Blake Kishler
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M&L Virtual Event a Success

M&L Virtual Event a Success

Read Time: 4.5 minutes

What began as a live management and leadership event in Cincinnati became SEGD’s first full-day virtual event offering—complete with virtual tote bag!

On Thursday April 23 and Friday April 24, amidst sheltering in place, SEGD’s “Management & Leadership: Take 20” gave a virtual stage to 19 local and international speakers, in service of 86 participants, from design students to thought leaders.


Thursday April 23

Pre-event Mixer

M+L Take 20 Speakers

Here's a Snapshot of the 2020 M+L Take 20 Thought Leaders!

Read Time: 6.5 minutes

This year's Management + Leadership Take 20 event is set to kick off the evening of April 23 with a virtual Mix + Mingle event and roll into April 24 with a full day of fresh ideas and an ambitious 19-person speaker line-up, all of whose work spans the globe. Learn from bright, innovative leaders who have made considerable impact in the EGD field and paved their own way for success! 

Our 2020 SEGD M+L Take 20 speakers will include:

SEGD President Anna Crider

Inspiration and Community Amidst this Chaos

Read Time: 1 minute

Dear SEGD Community,

It goes without saying that this has been a challenging time for all of us, regardless of specialty, experience level, or geographic location.

What if we took a moment to pause to find inspiration and community amidst this chaos?

SEGD has refocused the Management + Leadership workshop to provide content focused on business leaders.

20 Questions with Kelly Kolar: Practice Preparedness

20 Questions with Kelly Kolar: Practice Preparedness

Read Time: 10 minutes

Kelly Kolar, founder and president of Kolar Design, Inc. (Cincinnati, Ohio), an award-winning brand experience and data-driven design solutions firm, talks to SEGD about leading through disruptive and uncertain times.

2020 SEGD Management + Leadership event press release

2020 SEGD Management + Leadership Take 20 Goes Virtual

Read Time: 2 minutes
A New Take on A Great Event
A COUCH SOMEWHERE— The SEGD Management + Leadership Take 20 event, held virtually on Thursday, April 24, will provide a holistic approach to running business, growing a successful legacy, and incorporating today's trends.

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