SEGD Film Focus: Shield and Spear

Join SEGD for our second Film Focus event!

As part of our Experience + Exhibition month, SEGD offers Film Focus screening Shield and Spear, a feature documentary about post-apartheid South Africa, on Wednesday August 12th, 6pm EST.  On Thursday August 13, SEGD’s Cybelle Jones will moderate a conversation with South African musician, activist, and featured artist Xander Ferreira, and Openbox’s Founder Marquise Stillwell and Executive Producer. They will consider South Africa’s civil history as a lens for examining the current state of race relations in the United States, as well as the power that art and design have to effect change.

SEGD’s Film Focus featuring screening and discussion of Shield + Spear is sponsored by Rainier Industries. 

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Cybelle Jones, Gallagher & Associates
Cybelle Jones
Xander Ferreira
Xander Ferreira
Marquise Stillwell
Marquise Stillwell
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