2020 Webinar 04

Learnings from The Hyperconnected City with Daniel Miles of Econsult Solutions Thoughtlab

For Building a Hyperconnected City, ESI ThoughtLab gathered data from 100 cities, conducted in-depth interviews with city leaders, and drew on valuable input from a cross-industry coalition of leading firms and research organizations.

Econsult Solutions benchmarked how these cities use data analytics and technology to transform and interconnect key areas across their urban ecosystems, from mobility, energy, water, and sustainability to public safety, healthcare, payment systems, and cybersecurity; and they developed the Hyperconnected Cities Data Navigator which can be used to explore city rankings, profiles, strategies and performance.

The results of this data provide an evidence-based roadmap that city leaders, experience designers, and creative executives can use to understand the near future and help to create vibrant, hyperconnected urban centers of the future. 

View more on the Hyperconnected City from Econsult Solutions Thoughtlab hereand here.

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Daniel Miles
Daniel Miles
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