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SEGD Wayfinding & Placemaking 2019

Wayfinding and placemaking are at the heart of experiential graphic design. Which is why it should be no surprise that the SEGD Wayfinding & Placemaking event is growing exponentially. In fact, the 2018 SEGD Wayfinding & Placemaking event grew again to become the largest Wayfinding event in SEGD history!

The sessions at this years Wayfinding event will cover:

Philadelphia Firms Session:

  • Creating civic places with experiential graphic design
  • From Ski to Surf: Connecting people to place in resort and recreation-centric communities

International Firms Sessions:

  • European Firms: Destination Dessau: Creating place for a city at the center of the modern design movement

  • Canadian Firms: Coast-to-Coast: Creating place through the diverse lens of global, regional and local influences

  • British Firms: Finding the Way Out: British-born experiential graphic design practices at home and abroad

At this year's event, you'll have the opportunity to learn from leaders in the industry, network with fellow wayfinding professionals and return home empowered to take your work to the next level. 

Join fellow wayfinding and placemaking professionals in Philadelphia, August 1-2. Book early, as this event is likely to sell out!

SEGD had a block of rooms at the Aloft Philadelphia Downtown, but that rate is no longer available. You can still make reservations there on your own by calling 800-721-7033. There are also plenty of other hotel options nearby the event location too.

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2019 Wayfinding and Placemaking Agenda

download full agenda
Jason Smith, City ID
Jason Smith
Heath Pedrola, Whybrow Pedrola
Heath Pedrola
Amy Rees, ex;it
Amy Rees
Jacob Ehrenberg, Project Manager at San Francisco Airport
Jacob Ehrenberg
Julie Margot
Julie Margot
Ian Whybrow
Ian Whybrow
Chris Ronson, Senior Project Manager, Transportation Services Division of the City of Toronto
Chris Ronson
Virginia Gehshan, Partner, Cloud Gehshan Associates, Philadelphia, 2010 SEGD Fellow, SEGD President 1992-1993
Virginia Gehshan
Peter Soland, Urban Designer at civiliti in Montreal, Canada
Peter Soland
Photograph of Lucy Holmes, Lucy Holmes Design
Lucy Holmes
Cynthia Damar Schnobb
Cynthia Damar-Schnobb
John Bosio, MERJE
John Bosio
Alan Jacobson is the President of Exit Design in Philadelphia.
Alan Jacobson
Heradshot of Ian Goldberg, Cloud Gehshan Associates
Ian Goldberg
Katrin Middle, Co-Partner at Polyform
Katrin Middel
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SEGD 2019 Wayfinding & Placemaking takes place August 1-2 in Philadelphia. Register today!

8 Reasons to Find Your Place at the Wayfinding & Placemaking Event in Philly Next Week!

Read Time: 2.5 minutes
Oh wow, it's all happening NEXT WEEK; can you believe it?!
At SEGD’s 2019 Wayfinding & Placemaking Event, August 1-2 in Philadelphia, attendees will soak up local and international wayfinding and placemaking best practices along with some local design culture. Since there are just EIGHT DAYS to go, here are eight reasons why you’ll want to find yourself in Philadelphia next week!

SEGD 2019 Wayfinding & Placemaking takes place August 1-2 in Philadelphia. Register today!

Networking Done Right—2019 SEGD Wayfinding & Placemaking

Read Time: 1.5 minute

Network like you mean it—like you need it, all in one event! This year's SEGD Wayfinding & Placemaking event takes place in Philadelphia, but we've got speakers from all over (Canada, the UK, Germany, etc.) coming to share their EGD practices and expertise. That's a lot of ground being covered in one comprehensive wayfinding and placemaking event with plenty of time to make the connections you want because we know it's important to you!

SEGD 2019 Wayfinding & Placemaking takes place August 1-2 in Philadelphia. Register today!

Queue the Countdown!—2019 SEGD Wayfinding & Placemaking

Read Time: 1 minute

Deciding to attend an event and make arrangments for travel can be stressful. Stay calm and count now!
Count down from five with us and see how simple it can be to remember the facts, book your stay and register to attend the 2019 SEGD Wayfinding & Placemaking Event!

Book Your Tour for the 2019 SEGD Wayfinding & Placemaking event in Philadelphia, Aug.1-2.

Experience Philadelphia through a Wayfinding & Placemaking Lens

Read Time: 1.5 minutes

Come one, come all!
It's time to select your 2019 SEGD Wayfinding & Placemaking Tour experience!

Meet the Firms Speaking at the 2019 SEGD Wayfinding & Placemaking event in Philadelphia on Aug 1-2.

Meet the Firms Presenting in the 2019 SEGD Wayfinding & Placemaking Event

Wayfinding and placemaking design continues to be the heart of experiential graphic design practice worldwide (which is why the 2019 SEGD Wayfinding & Placemaking event, August 1-2 in Philadelphia, is such a crucial EGD event to attend!). Scroll through the slideshow above to get a sneak peek of the local and international firms who will be speaking as well as some of the notable projects that will help shape their session content for this wayfinding and placemaking-concentrated event (ie.

2019 SEGD Wayfinding & Placemaking event takes place in Philadelphia, PA, August 1-2.

SEGD's 2019 Wayfinding & Placemaking Event in Philadelphia, August 1-2

PHILADELPHIA—Wayfinding & Placemaking design continue to be the heart of experiential graphic design practice worldwide. The SEGD Wayfinding & Placemaking event in Philadelphia on August 1-2 is poised to bring participants and an international panel of speakers together to tour, connect, discuss and discover urban, regional, campus and transportation signage design.

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