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Each year, SEGD partners with an academic institution in the annual conference’s host city to hold a gathering of design academics, students and researchers. A forum for trends in design education research, projects and curriculum innovation, the 2019 SEGD Academic Summit will be held on June 5 in Austin. Presenters are chosen in a peer-review process by the Academic Steering Committee of SEGD of papers submitted from educators and practitioners.

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Joell Angel-Chumbley
Joell Angel-Chumbley
James Pierce began his creative career in the video industry, working with everything from local to international clients. However, he primarily worked to help non-profit clients.
James Pierce
Analise Mehmet
Analise Mehmet
Christina Lyons, professor and chairperson, Graduate Exhibition & Experience Design at FIT
Christina Lyons
Alwyn Brownewell, Core Design Studio, Houston
Alwyn Brownewell
Wayne-Hunt, Principal Hunt Design Associates, Past President of SEGD
Wayne Hunt
Renée Alleyn is a Professor in the York/Sheridan Honours Bachelor of Design program where she teaches undergraduate courses in typography, type making, editorial design, and visual identity.
Renée Alleyn
Jaclyn "Jackie" Capone is a Graduate Student at Fashion Institute of Technology  (FIT) in New York
Jackie Capone
Michele Washington, Assistant Professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology
Michele Washington
Cheryl Beckett, University of Houston
Cheryl Beckett
Nadia Tran
Nadia Tran
Nathan Haefner is a designer based in Austin, Texas and is working on his MFA in Communication Design at Texas State University as well as completing his teaching certification for K–12 Art.
Nathaniel Haefner
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