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Last month's webinar featured Color-Ad's  S. K. Rao where he began a dialogue on the strategic working relationship between designers and fabricators and what can be improved in an effort to create a more efficient, cohesive partnership, told from the perspective of a fabricator.

This month, Hannah Anderson, Construction Administration Lead at Kolar Design and SEGD Board Member, will share a designer's perspective to continue the dialogue. 

Hannah will address topics like: the types of preliminary testing and prototyping designers can employ prior to final documentation and bid, the need for educating backward within teams (thus ensuring the EGD team receiving/ committing to the construction schedule understands how to work backwards from the end date with lead times, sampling times, and bid times in mind, so that we budget, design and detail with respect to that schedule), and much more!

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Hannah Anderson is the Construction Administration Lead at Kolar Design in Cincinnati
Hannah Anderson
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