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Join Color-Ad’s S. K. Rao as he explores best practices for how designers and fabricators can most effectively collaborate to help streamline various wayfinding projects like civic-education, airports, hospitals, stadiums, retail and more.

Learn when, how and why you should incorporate alternate technology processes, different fabrication or installation processes. What items need to be added to your RFP or Design Documentation in order to improve project outcome and much more! Enter a thought-provoking discussion in which we will delve into topics, strategies, strengths, weaknesses and feasibility, etc.—all in the pursuit to provide the best product, as well as the most efficient process from multiple perspectives. As well as covering all useful and adoptable strategies towards continuous improvement throughout the entire project cycle of turnkey wayfinding projects.

If you're interested in tuning in this afternoon, email Nadia at [email protected] and join us at 2 PM!!

All SEGD Webinars are held at 2:00pm Eastern / 11:00am Pacific time

Details announced in 2019

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