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Take a journey through time as Brad Huckabay, from iZone Imaging, walks you through a brief history and evolution of the fabrication material, laminate. Focusing on the many uses of laminate, Brad will explain how the material has been used since it's inception as well as how the specifications and technical make-up of laminate, as it pertains to the material's legacy, durability and flexibility, have changed leaving you to speculate that the laminate of today is, in fact, "not your daddy's laminate." Brad will then wrap up by discussing the typical applications for the laminate in today's market.

iZone Imaging is known for its custom high-pressure laminate (CHPL) signs and panels, and therefore it is a valuable source on this subject.

Brad Huckabay runs Business Development at Izone Imaging in Temple, Texas
Brad Huckabay
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