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Off Grid 18

The Experiential City


Sydney stopover: 22 February 2018

Brisbane/Melbourne stopover: 23 February 2018

Wellington: 26–27 February 2018

This February head to Wellington, New Zealand for Off Grid 18: The Experiential City. Start your Experience by stopping over in Melbourne, Sydney, and/or Brisbane. It will help you break up your travel and experience a specially organized local Australian SEGD design event in each city. Off Grid 18 will engage you in a conversation about designing for the ‘experiential city’, using exciting locations the city becomes the auditorium so you won’t feel trapped in a lecture theater or conference hotel. Off Grid 18 is a must for all people who connect people to place, be that through architecture, urban design, planning, signage, experience design, art or activism, and everything in between!

‘The Off Grid organizers deserve accolades for pulling together this amazing content. It was wonderful to experience the museums, coffee shops, pubs and connect with design professionals from around the globe.’ —John Lutz, 2016-17 President, SEGD.

‘I have to say Off-Grid 17 is one of the best trips I’ve had for a design conference’ —Stephen Minning, Managing Director, Brand Culture/Pam Wayfinding and SEGD Board member.

Read all about the 2017 Off Grid Experience and see images from the event to get a better understanding of how much the group interacts with the city during the workshop.

The event will feature some of Asia's most awarded Experiential Graphic Designers.

  • Carlo Giannasca (Frost*Collectives - Urbanite) in Sydney
  • Soren Luckins (Buro North) in Melbourne
  • Despina Macris (Dotdash) in Brisbane


And now for the finale! Travel to Wellington where you will see

  • Susan Mavor (Public, Vancouver)
  • Louise Vogel Kielgast (Gehl, Copenhagen)
  • Matt Checkowski (The D4D, Los Angeles)
  • Sean Perkins (North, London) present.


Where will you see them? That is the surprise. Last year speakers presented in the stairway of a museum, a coffee shop (but that in no way describes what Wellington has done with their coffee shops!) and in a planetarium with a specially prepared 360 degree presentation!

During your journey to Wellington, you will get to meet SEGD's Australian communities as they get together for an evening of fun and design presentations in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne before moving onto Wellington and some good old Kiwi hospitality.

You do not want to miss this event. Read the write up below from the 2017 Off Grid experience to find out why.

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Speakers for Off Grid 2018
Louise Vogel Kielgast is an Associate at Gehl in Copenhagen, Denmark
Louis Vogel Kielgast
Sean Perkins is a Founding Partner at Branding design consultancy North in London
Sean Perkins
Soren Luckins, Director Buro North, Melbourne, Australia
Soren Luckins
Carlo Giannasca, Frost*collective
Carlo Giannasca
Despina Macris is a Director at Dotdash Wayfinding in Brisbane, Australia
Despina Macris
Matt Checkowski is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer at  The Department Of The 4th Dimension
Matt Checkowski
Susan Mavor, Principal Communication Design at PUBLIC
Susan Mavor
Explore the Experiential City at Off Grid 18

Explore the Experiential City at Off Grid 18

Off Grid sits at the intersection of urbanism, placemaking, wayfinding and design; if you work in—or are intrigued by—these areas, make sure you join us! Through insights from social anthropologists, urban planners, strategic thinkers, visionary designers, contemporary artists, filmmakers, brand identity designers, augmented reality experts and smart city researchers, Off Grid explores what really connects people to place.

DJ Thomas Forbes at Laundry closing out the SEGD OFF GRID 17 event

You Should Have Gone OFF GRID!

For a week in February the SEGD community went OFF GRID in Australia and New Zealand. No one knew what to expect, but everyone came away with a really new and interesting take on the traditional conference asking when will it happen again?

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