2018 Webinar 07 Digital Marketing 101

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2018 Webinar 07
August 16, 2018 | 2:00pm Eastern/11:00am Pacific

Digital Marketing 101:
Scale your design practices with a modern-day marketing approach

Steven Picanza
Co-Founder & Chief Brand Strategist, Latin & Code

This webinar will focus on illuminating the strategies needed to instill a positive marketing ecosystem within your business that favors being proactive over reactive. With the rate of change, spurred by the ongoing advancement of digital transformation, marketing teams are incredibly challenged to stay on strategy while keeping up with existing and new growth channels and tactics. This session is going to help you make sense of it all.  

Takeaways from this webinar include: 

  • Learning how aligning your brands' core values with its day-to-day marketing actions to increase your visibility, value proposition, and ultimately, your price tag 

  • Why your website is more than just a portfolio showcase, but your ultimate sales tool

  • Best practices for connecting your digital marketing assets so they work for you in maximum effectiveness and efficiency 

  • Why content means nothing if you don’t know your audience and have a sales funnel & value ladder established 


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Steven Picanza
Steven Picanza
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