2018 SEGD Webinar 06

SEGD Webinars

2018 Webinar 06: Changing Space with Technology

July 26, 2018 -- Note new date!

2:00pm Eastern / 11:00am Pacific


Presenter: Paul McConnell, Intersection

To many designers, the term “digital” is often misunderstood. Some feel that technology’s impact on the overall experience of space, from transit projects to museums, is limited to screen-based interactions or experimental gimmicks. But the obvious addition of digital kiosks and digital signage that a person might encounter is just the surface level changes that are impacting our profession. The true innovations are taking place elsewhere.

In this webinar, Intersection’s Paul McConnell will review examples of technology-enabled workflows and platforms that are redefining how we design for spaces and ultimately how people interact within them. This webinar will provide background, examples, and approaches from leading firms and ambitious studios who know that “technology” is redefining how and what we design.

Whether it’s how to use the latest technology to quickly organize research, experiment with concepts, work across teams, or learn in real-time. Designers who are embracing the inevitable impact of “digital” in all forms are shaping the industry and next wave of impactful solutions.



We are soliciting topics from firms for the July-December 2018 webinars.

Contact [email protected] for information.

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Paul McConnell is the Director of Design at Intersection in New York
Paul McConnell
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