2018 Webinar 02

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2018 Webinar 02: Enhancing Wayfinding for Aging Travelers  and Persons with Disabilities

Thursday 02.08.2018

2:00pm Eastern


As part of its mission to develop near-term, practical solutions to problems faced by airport operators, Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) officials recently published a guidebook to help airport operators improve pedestrian wayfinding systems so passengers with disabilities and aging travelers can more easily travel independently through airports.
While personal guides offer assistance at many airports, the guidebook shows how additional efforts can be made to enhance wayfinding systems for passengers with visual impairment, mobility limitations, or short-term memory problems. Therefore, the ultimate objective of the report is to create a difference that creates change that in turn promotes independent travel.  
ACRP Report 177 includes a first of its kind airport wayfinding accessibility audit, along with recommendations and best practices to assist airports in creating a signage and services gap analysis, methods that would allow aging travelers and passengers with disabilities to comfortably utilize technology for wayfinding, and suggestions of web-based information for assistance and standardization of wayfinding user interface systems within the airport.

Gresham, Smith and Partners led the research effort and will present the WHO, WHAT, WHY and HOW of assisting aging travelers and persons with disabilities to travel independently within airports using technology and pedestrian wayfinding systems.

Speaker: Jim Harding, Principal, Gresham, Smith and Partners

Headshot of Designer Jim Harding, Gresham, Smith and Partners
Jim Harding
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