2018 Webinar 01

SEGD 2018 Webinar 01

The Universal Language of Symbols, Signs & Icons
(The Science of Non-Verbal Communication)

Thursday, January 18, 2018 -  2:00 PM Eastern time

This webinar will provide an overview of how to effectively create and use symbols for clearer wayfinding. We begin by defining the different types of symbols and principles for using them to best advantage, followed by case studies, including the Beijing Olympics sports symbol system, the new transportation sign system for the NYC’s MTA, and more.

Educational Takeaways

  • Symbol sign types, principles and usage
  • The semiotics of non-verbal communication
  • Better wayfinding through clear graphic messaging

Mies Hora is the author/designer of the international design reference, Official Signs & Icons 3, published in November of 2017. He has been working in the design field for four decades and teaches Masters level design workshops in Beijing and New York.

We are seeking speakers from firms for BUSINESS + PROJECT MANAGEMENT related topics for the January-May 2018 webinars.
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Mies Hora
Mies Hora
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