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Xplorer Agenda Brief 6/27
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Photograph of Lauren Kelly, Mustard Square
Lauren Kelly Sheridan
P. Michael Anderson
P. Michael Anderson
Photo of Jeff Grantz, Materials & Methods
Jeff Grantz
Refik Anadol
Refik Anadol
Jeff Grantz is speaking at the Xplorer Bootcamp.

Learn Projection Mapping at Xplorer With Jeff Grantz

We've given you 5 good reasons not to miss this hands-on learning experience. Now all you need to do is attend, so you can work with a superstar of projection mapping for physical spaces—Jeff Grantz!

5 Reasons to Attend Xplorer Bootcamp

5 Reasons You (Yes, You!) Should Attend Xplorer Bootcamp July 14

Are you a designer who wants to brush up on your digital experiential graphic design skills, or learn new ones? Don't miss your golden opportunity to learn/refresh your skills in key practice areas at the SEGD 2016 Xplorer Digital Foundations Bootcamp in Los Angeles, July 14th. (Hurry, it's only a week away!)

P. Michael Anderson at the Xplorer bootcamp.

Developing Digital Content with SenovvA's P. Michael Anderson

"I want people to be comfortable with the language of technology employed in design," Anderson says. "They should come away from this Xplorer bootcamp seeing digital media as simply another design material." He also will focus his audience on the need to incorporate planning into content development so that it is as much a part of the design as the material.

Lauren Kelly Sheridan at Xplorer in LA 07.14.16

Learn to Code with Lauren Kelly Sheridan, July 14, 2016

Web development has changed enormously in just the last few years. Where web design entailed handwriting HTML and CSS code, that work has been greatly simplified through widely available content management systems (CMS). If you haven't refreshed your coding skills (or learned them in the first place), you are not alone.

Photo of Refik Anadol's Infinity Room

Experience VR Design with Refik Anadol at Xplorer, July 14

Infinity Room (above) is representative of media artist Refik Anadol's immersive installation approach in virtual reality, exploring the space among digital and physical entities.

Projection Mapping - Obscura Digital

10 Projection Mapping Projects That Inspire!

Projection Mapping has many names: projection mapping, pixel mapping, video mapping, or even architecturally registered mapping. Every year there are increasing numbers of impressive projection mapping projects cropping up. Past SEGD Board member Dan Moalli, of Technomedia Solutions helped us create a short list of inspiring projects.

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