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SEGD XLab is held at SVA Theatre | 333 W 23rd St, New York, NY. 

SEGD had reserved a small block of rooms at the Four Points by Sheraton Manhattan Chelsea, but the group rate has now expired. You can still check out the hotel and rates on your own at www.fourpointschelsea.com  Additionally, SVA Theatre has a list of other nearby hotels. To view, visit svatheatre.com/local-businesses/

SEGD Xlab Agenda 10/19
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Chad Hutson, Leviathan
Chad Hutson
Wilson Brown, Antfood
Wilson Brown
Jeremy Duimstra, MJD Interactive
Jeremy Duimstra
George Burciaga
George Burciaga
Nik Hafermass
Nik Hafermaas
Kyle Bañuelos, dotdotdash
Kyle Bañuelos
Cory Clarke, VSA Partners
Cory Clarke
Ellen Schopler
Refik Anadol
Refik Anadol
Photograph of Mike Rawlinson, City ID
Mike Rawlinson
Photo of Nils Wiberg
Nils Wiberg
Yasmin Elayat, Scatter
Yasmin Elayat
Image: Pack your bags! Xlab 2016 is next week.

Pack Your Bags—Xlab 2016 is Next Week!

Got your toothbrush? Phone charger? Jacket? Favorite pen? Laptop? A Friend? Wait...what? Yes! You can bring a friend or colleague for free when you register for Xlab 2016.

5 Reasons Xlab 2016 Will Thrill You

5 Ways Xlab 2016 Will Inspire, Thrill and Amuse You

Xlab 2016 is the farthest thing from a ho-hum business conference—and to prove it, we'll give you five good reasons you'll leave New York inspired, amused and just plain happy you went.

2016 Xlab Tours

Xlab Tours in NYC [Insight, Access and Inspiration]

What are YOU doing on Thursday, October 27 from 1:00 to 3:00pm? Attend an Xlab tour as part of the excitement of SEGD's Xlab conference in New York City!

Mike Rawlinson at Xlab Image

Xlab, City ID, Mike Rawlinson and The Digital City

City ID's Mike Rawlinson helps set the standard for improved information and wayfinding solutions that are integrating people, movement and place around the globe. On October 28 at Xlab in New York City, he'll share how forward thinking on these topics is key to creating truly smarter cities. Be there!

Nils Wiberg on Next Gen Interaction

Nils Wiberg on Next Gen Interaction at Xlab 2016

New models of interactive experiences are emerging that impact our projects, spaces, cities and our lives. At Xlab on October 28, interaction designer Nils Wiberg of Gagarin will lead a not-to-be-missed visionary exploration of next generation interactions.

Chad Hutson and Ellen Schopler, Leviathan

Xlab, Leviathan and Empowering Experiential Content

Conceptual design company Leviathan is uniting digital technology, real-time data and the physical environment in ever-changing, increasingly delightful ways, providing clients and communities an amplified experience of brand identity, engaging narrative content and sheer beauty. At Xlab 2016, leaders of their team will tell you how they do it.

Image: 10 Recent Digital XGD Projects

10 Recent Digital Projects Shaping Experiential Graphic Design

Scroll through the slideshow above.

We asked several of the most tech-savvy experts within the SEGD community for their picks of the most recent and influential experiential graphic design using digital technology. The main criteria informing their choices were: shows significant innovation, inspiration and has raised the bar for experiential graphic design.

NOTE: This list has been compiled from our experts' top recommendations and is in no way comprehensive or presented in any specific order. 

NY Digital Signage Week 2016 Image

Your New York Digital Signage Week Cheat Sheet

For the second year, SEGD's Xlab conference will be part of New York Digital Signage Week (#NYDSW) in New York City. The week-long series of events centering around digital signage begins on October 24, and culimnates on the evening of October 28. The events promise to be engaging, with plenty of fantastic networking opportunities.

Xlab 2016 Graphic

Xlab—Digital Innovation and the Future of Experiential Design

October 27—28, New York will be filled with recognized leaders of the digital experiential graphic design world at SEGD's upcoming Xlab conference.

SEGD Talks on the Cutting-Edge

SEGD Talks on the Cutting Edge

SEGD is focused on delivering valuable content through this website that is relevant for designers and their firms’ success. One example of segd.org's value to members is free access to the vast and growing gallery of videos called SEGD Talksthat cover innovative events, inspiring speakers and empowering talks from all of SEGD's physical events—including Xlab, the conference about cutting-edge digital experiences at the intersection of design and technology. 

Projection Mapping - Obscura Digital

10 Projection Mapping Projects That Inspire!

Projection Mapping has many names: projection mapping, pixel mapping, video mapping, or even architecturally registered mapping. Every year there are increasing numbers of impressive projection mapping projects cropping up. Past SEGD Board member Dan Moalli, of Technomedia Solutions helped us create a short list of inspiring projects.

Sponsors Header Graphic

For Sponsorship Opportunities, click here.

2016 Xlab Sponsor Opportunities

For more information about Friends of SEGD, Industry Partners Program or event sponsorship, contact: Kristin Bennani | Director of New Business | [email protected] | 202.713.0413 Kathleen Turner | [email protected] | 703.657.9171