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SEGD DesignX Agenda Brief 2-8-16

SEGD is excited to launch the first designX event at the Digital Signage Expo this March, hosted by DSE at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The two day event starts on Tuesday March 15th with a full day of talks and dialogues focused on learning for creating and managing digital customer experiences. In the morning we will focus on how to form and manage a digitally centric project team as well as how to develop a roadmap and strategy for alining content and experiences to your client's business objectives.

In the afternoon we will have sessions that explore how to select and navigate technology platforms and what makes the most sense for your project goals. We will continue the discussion with a learning session on budgeting for digital and round out the day with a session on new opportunities for growing digital services and improving the customer experiences through managed data analytics and metrics.

On Wednesday March 16th, attendees will visit the Digital Signage Expo show floor and experience group led tours with designX sponsor vendors. There's always more to learn about digital and SEGD designX connects you to the experience you want to create for your client's environments.

Be sure to signup for DSE's special hotel rates as many expire on 2/12!

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DesignX Las Vegas Speaker Image
Photo of Colleen Hamilton, Art of Context
Colleen Hamilton
Photo of Jeff Grantz, Materials & Methods
Jeff Grantz
Will Ayers
Will Ayers
Photo of Jerry Harris, Georgia Aquarium
Jerry Harris
Mark Andreasson, Design Communications Ltd.
Mark Andreasson
Photo of Jason Cox, Sensory Interactive
Jason Cox
Photograph of Jeffrey Dumo, Array Interactive
Jeffrey Dumo
Photo of Pat Green, S|N|A
Pat Green
Photo of Tomer Mann, 22 Miles
Tomer Mann
Photo of Bryson Hyte
Bryson Hyte
Bryan Meszaros, Founder of OpenEye Global (OEG), New York
Bryan Meszaros
Photograph of Douglas Hampton-Dowson, Reality Interactive
Douglas Hampton-Dowson
Refik Anadol
Refik Anadol
Roger Starkweather
Roger Starkweather
Registration for the SEGD DesignX Event
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SEGD DesignX at DSE 2015, March 15-16, Las Vegas

Heads-Up and Hands-On at DesignX at DSE 2016

Attendees at DesignX—SEGD’s design-focused event at Digital Signage Expo 2016—will get a double-value experience: Heads (filled) up during a full-day workshop on planning and designing digital user experiences, and hands-on during a guided morning tour of the DSE 2016 show floor, where they’ll get to see, touch and feel the latest digital technology products, platforms and applications.

You should be there March 15-16 in Las Vegas! Make yours a double!

DesignX at DSE 2016, with Douglas Hampton-Dowson

Deconstructing the Customer Experience Technology Stack at DesignX and Digital Signage Expo 2016

Behind the smart digital experiences you create for your clients, there are multiple layers of technology, hardware, platforms and providers to sort through. Douglas Hampton-Dowson of Reality Interactive will help you “Deconstruct the Technology Stack” with a guided tour of the Digital Signage Expo show floor March 16. It’s all part of SEGD’s DesignX partnership with DSE.

DesignX March 15-16, 2016 at DSE 2016

10 Absolutely Vital Tools for Designing Digital Experiences from DesignX at DSE 2016

Tearing yourself away from the office for a professional development day isn’t easy, especially when there’s no clear value proposition. But DesignX is an obvious value-add. The digital world is advancing fast—will you be ready when your clients want to add an interactive user experience or media component to their project? Join us at DesignX—March 15-16 during Digital Signage Expo 2016 in Las Vegas—and leave with (at least) 10 new tools to help you design smart, user-centered digital experiences.

Refik Anadol at DesignX at DSE 2016

Refik Anadol is Changing Public Spaces with His Poetic Digital Installations. He’ll Show You How at DesignX March 15!

You don’t have to understand what parametric data is to experience the poetic, dynamic beauty of Refik Anadol’s work. The Istanbul-born, LA-based media artist combines real-time data and live audio/visual elements to create site-specific, immersive media experiences that challenge our perception of space and question the distinction between physical and digital.

Will Ayers on Building the Digital Dream Team-- at DesignX

Building a Digital Experience Dream Team at DesignX

What do Charlie’s Angels, Sherlock and Watson and the 1992 U.S. men’s Olympic basketball team have to do with designing high-impact customer experiences? Just like fighting crime and shooting hoops, creating great digital projects requires a Dream Team. Will Ayers, Selbert Perkins Design, and Gregory Neely, Forge Media + Design, will show you how at DesignX—March 15-16 at Digital Sign Expo 2016!

6 Ways DesignX @ DSE 2016 Will Change the Way You Think About Digital Customer Experiences

6 Ways DesignX at DSE 2016 Will Change the Way You Think About Customer Experiences

Creating smart, meaningful experiences in public spaces requires you to understand—and leverage—all the technologies, platforms, content and disciplines that make up a successful project. DesignX—March 15-16 at Digital Signage Expo 2016 in Las Vegas—will give you the tools you need AND change the way you think about designing user-centric digital experiences.

Meet us at DesignX!

Xlab 2015 Social New York Chapter Social Event

16:9 and SEGD to combine Socials at the DSE show in Las Vegas.

SEGD and the Preset Group will be hosting a social, known as the unofficial kick-off party for DSE 2016, in Las Vegas on Tuesday evening March 15. OK, call it a warm-up for St. Patty's day if you want to, but all we are saying is that with about 400 people expected, this is a social you won't want to miss at the Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip! If you have registered for the DesignX event, you are already registered for the social. See more details at 16:9

DesignX at Digital Signage Expo 2016

DesignX at Digital Signage Expo 2016: Your 360 View of Great Customer Experiences

Smart digital experiences require smart planning and design from the start. SEGD is partnering with Digital Signage Expo 2016 to present DesignX: Designing Customer Experiences March 15-16 in Las Vegas. The day-long intensive workshop and half-day expo tour will provide you with a detailed road map for navigating your first (or advanced) digital customer experiences.

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