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What is Xlab?

Xlab is the event where technology, place and design intersect. (SEGD's fast-growing tech-focused experiential design conference is now a part of New York Digital Signage Week. )

Why Xlab? 

Because Xlab brings together the designers, thinkers and makers who are transforming the landscape of experience design and influencing our future through the use of technology, from connected data and wearables, to enhancing interaction with the environments we live, work, travel and play in. It's an engaging and inspiring exploration, which will open new dialogues and change the way we think about design and the future.

Xlab now includes a limited number of spots on NYC project and studio tours. Only participants registering before tours fill up can attend a tour, so reserve a spot soon!

Where is Xlab?

Xlab 2015 is held at the SVA Theatre | 333 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011


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Xlab Agenda brief 10/15/15
Xlab Download Agenda
SEGD Xlab Speakers
Photo of Terence Caulkins, Arup
Terence Caulkins
Photo of David Kepron
David Kepron
Photo of Neil Redding, Gensler
Neil Redding
Photo of Mike Clare
Mike Clare
Photo of Joe Karadin, ESI
Joe Karadin
Jennifer Davis is the Chief Marketing Officer at Honeywell in Atlanta
Jennifer Davis
Falvia Sparacino, Sensing Places LLC
Flavia Sparacino
Photo of Becky Stern, Adafruit
Becky Stern
Photograph of Darren David, Stimulant
Darren David
Photo of Brad Gleeson, Comark
Brad Gleeson
Headshot of Josh Goldblum, Bluecadet
Josh Goldblum
Photo of Stephen Gottlich, GableVision
Stephen Gottlich
Leslie Wolke headshot
Leslie Wolke
Bryan Meszaros, Founder of OpenEye Global (OEG), New York
Bryan Meszaros
Photo of David Haynes, Sixteen:Nine
David Haynes
Photo of Jared Ficklin, ARGO Design
Jared Ficklin
2015 SEGD XLab Poster Image
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Xlab 2015 Charts the Journey from Digital Technology to User Experience

On the path to integrate digital technology into user experiences that connect people to place, Xlab 2015both inspired and informed. Designers, planners, municipalities, and makers have come a long way toward changing the world with technology, but there's still a long way to go. Read our Xlab recap and help chart the exciting journey!

Pack Your Bags, We’re Going to Xlab 2015! [5 Reasons You Owe it to Yourself]

We know you’re busy. You’re drinking from the fire hose every day, trying to keep up with client demands and project deadlines coming at you at warp speed. While all that’s going on, who has time to look ahead to the future? Who’s in charge of making sure you know about the new technologies, platforms, and interfaces your clients will soon be asking about? That’s what Xlab 2015 is for,and here are 5 reasons you need to get yourself there.

Xlab 2015 at SVA Theatre

Xlab 2015 -- Where User Experience and Digital Technology Collide

Imagine a world where the physical and digital realms are one and the same—where users expect the seamless experiences they enjoy online to continue in stores and museums, on city streets and public transit, and in their schools and workplaces. We’re quickly headed there, and experience designers are leading the way. The best and brightest minds in design and digital technology will be at Xlab 2015 Nov. 5 in New York. Do you want to meet them?

Whitney Museum of American Art

SEGD x NYC: Places to Go and Things to See [Your Xlab Checklist]

You know, we know, and your boss knows that half (?) the fun of attending Xlab 2015is HELLO, being in New York in early November! And with the Xlab theme of Transforming Experience, we’re not going to recommend the same-old, same-old tourist spots and eateries. Here’s your new New York X-list.

Sensing Places, Santa Monica, Calif.

The Hacker/Maker Culture at Sensing Places

Flavia Sparacino is an MIT Media Lab PhD, a prolific inventor, and founder and CEO of Sensing Places LLC, a creative technology agency based in Santa Monica. We had the chance to visit Sparacino and her staff recently to learn about what they’re doing in the digital user experience space and experience the energy of the team's hacking/making/start-up culture. Join Sparacino at Xlab 2015 and you can experience it too!

Xlab 2015 at SVA Theatre

Mind. Blown. 6 Surprising Ways You’ll be Inspired at Xlab 2015

You know Xlab 2015 is about design + technology. You know you’ll hear about the latest digital tools and platforms being used to connect people and place. You know you’ll keep yourself on the leading (not following!) edge of your profession by taking part in the conversation. But you may not know these 6 surprising ways that you'll be inspired at Xlab 2015!

Retail + Digital Designers Talk Shop(ing) at Xlab 2015

Retail is great theater for digital technology in physical spaces, but the jury is still out on what it can and can’t do to drive sales and engage customers. At Xlab2015, a rock-star retail panel will tackle personalization, smart technologies, the omni-channel world of shopping, and how digital technology can make it more fun (for shoppers) and rewarding (for retailers)!

Xlab 2015: Smart Spaces, Smart Interfaces

Smart Spaces, Smart Interfaces at Xlab

Intelligent interfaces are offering endless ways to provide connection, context, navigation, personalization, and curation in the physical environment. What are these new tools, and what can YOU do with them right now? At Xlab 2015, Nov. 5-6 in NYC, leading designers and technologists like Flavia Sparacino, Mike Clare, Neil Redding, and Darren David will show you!

The Internet of Things and Why It Matters to You

The Internet of Things is a growing network of objects–from home appliances to industrial machines and from signs to cars—that are connected to each other and the Internet. Through an infinite web of sensors and devices that generate constant streams of data, objects will communicate with each other to make everyday tasks more efficient. Yes, it all sounds very Minority Report. But what does it mean for you and your future in designing experiences and connecting people to place? At Xlab 2015, we’re putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Be there to see how it all relates to YOUR practice!

Xlab -- Transforming the Conversation and the Future

New digital platforms and technologies are emerging and converging at warp speed. Since 2011, Xlab has looked ahead to the future of experience design and provided a platform for continuing dialogue about how design and technology can be used to improve human experiences in physical spaces. It’s an incredibly important conversation—shouldn’t you be a part of it? Register today and be a part of the future at Xlab 2015!

Crown Fountain at Millennium Park, Chicago

15 Digital Technology Projects that Transformed Public Spaces Forever

Perhaps the tipping point was in 2004, when artist Jaume Plensa created the giant pixelated portraits of Chicagoans spouting water from Crown Fountain in Millennium Park. Today, new digital technologies and connected data are making cities more open, efficient, and engaging--and changing the way we act and interact in public spaces. We’ll cover the cityscape and digital technology at Xlab 2015—Nov. 5-6 in NYC; you'll want to be there!

The Future of Wearable Technology and Experience Design

Technically, the Apple Watch, Jawbone UP, and Google Glass are nothing new. Wearable technology has been around since the early 17th century, when Chinese mathematicians adapted the abacus as a ring. Soon after, the pocket watch caught on in Europe—offering humans the first wearable, mobile technology that augmented their awareness of time, space, and environmental conditions.

Immersion Room, Cooper Hewitt Design Museum (by Local Projects)

Xlab 2015: Transforming X

Artists, coders, hackers, and technologists are shaping the future of experience design, and at Xlab 2015, the SEGD design + technology event, they’ll show how they’re using platforms like wearables, virtual reality, beacons, and code to tell stories and transform places. Where do you fit in all of this? Find out at Xlab 2015: Transforming X—November 5-6 in New York!

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Interested in sponsorship? Click the image below for the 2015 Xlab Sponsorship Packet.

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