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Workshop held at Intersection for the Arts | 925 Mission Street | Suite 109 | San Francisco, CA

SEGD San Francisco Happy Hour and Neon Walking Tour
Join the local SEGD Chapter for a post-workshop happy hour drink and a walking tour hosted by Randall Homan and Al Barna, authors of the book "San Francisco Neon: Survivors and Lost Icons". This is a free event for members and workshop attendees. Signup here.

Download a full PDF of the workshop agenda below!

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SEGD San Francisco Agenda
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San Francisco Speakers
Photograph of Billy Chen, Studio SC
Billy Chen
Wayne-Hunt, Principal Hunt Design Associates, Past President of SEGD
Wayne Hunt
Photograph of David Gillam, CityID
David Gillam
Photograph of Tim Fendley, Applied Wayfinding
Tim Fendley
Photograph of Lauren Kelly, Mustard Square
Lauren Kelly Sheridan
Vicki Sundstrom, San Francisco International Airport
Vicki Sundstrom
Photograph of David Figueroa, DCR Design
David Figueroa
John Bosio, MERJE
John Bosio
Headshot of Julie Vogel of Kate Keating Associates
Julie Vogel
Photograph of Mark Sanders, Studio SC
Mark Sanders
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Interconnect Birmingham

Interconnect with City ID

User-centered information systems can improve the journey experience.

The way people are able to move around a city directly impacts their everyday experiences of it. And making the city more legible and easier to navigate can create major social, environmental, and economic benefits. That's the central concept behind City ID’s work on a new urban information system for Birmingham, UK, and other cities around the world.


Top 20 Wayfinding Designs since 2000

Scroll through the slideshow above to see the top 20 wayfinding moments of the 21st century.

It’s the ultimate unsung hero of public spaces: when it works, you never know it’s there. Wayfinding may not always be considered sexy, but it has evolved into a highly integrated, user-focused, and increasingly technology-driven discipline with huge social and economic implications for cities, hospitals, and other public spaces. Here is a list of the top 20 wayfinding moments of the 21st century—members log-in and make your suggestions!

Tim Fendley at SEGD Wayfinding Workshop April 23

What Next for Legible Cities?

The Future of Navigation in Smart Cities

Tim Fendley,founder of Applied and chief designer of Legible London,predicts that navigation in city centers will change dramatically in the next 10 years, with place branding, urban planning, and technology as key drivers. He'll join other world-renowned wayfinding experts at the SEGD Wayfinding WorkshopApril 23 in San Francisco. Do you need to be in touch with the future of wayfinding? Find yourself there; register now!

Unlost and Found - Wayfinding as Brand

Unlost and Found - Wayfinding as Brand

Creating Value for Smart Cities

Savannah, Georgia, knows that wayfinding is more than just helping people not get lost. It’s also about reinforcing a sense of place and connecting visitors with the city’s unique collection of assets. But how does wayfinding work when there is no existing “sense of place,” such as in rural North Carolina? MERJE principal John Bosiosays wayfinding can drive identity, shape place, and build brand value. He’ll share his perspective April 23 at the SEGD Wayfinding Workshopin San Francisco. Find him there!

Tim Fendley, Applied Wayfinding

Meet the Wayfinders

World’s experts lead workshop April 23 in San Francisco.

The chief designer of Legible London, information designers from City ID, and experts from MERJE, Kate Keating Associates, Hunt Design, and Studio SC will lead the SEGD Wayfinding Workshop April 23 in San Francisco. You’ll find the state-of-the-art in wayfinding—from placemaking and visitor impact to open data and living maps. Seats are limited; register today!

SEGD Workshop April 23: Wayfinding in the Smart City

SAN FRANCISCO— (March 4, 2015) In the age of Big Data and Smart Cities, how will signage and wayfinding hook into connected systems that help users navigate cities, campuses, and other complex environments?

SEGD’s Wayfinding Workshop—April 23 in San Francisco—is intended for designers, technology integrators, city and university officials, and makers involved in creating signage and wayfinding systems for complex built environments.

The workshop will address the hottest topics facing wayfinding design today, including:

Ultrecht Central Station, Amsterdam

Wayfinding and the Internet of Place

“You are here.” The blue dot in the center of your smartphone’s map has a beat of its own, pulsating with each dispatch from the constellation of satellites above. It skips modestly on top of the city grid, an avatar that engenders confidence and courage as we navigate unfamiliar terrain.

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