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SEGD’s Xplorer Digital 101 Camp is a one-day, hands-on workshop designed for creatives looking to enhance their digital skillsets with the foundations of content creation and technology integration. Get the know-how you need from experienced practitioners, build your digital vocabulary, and gain a basic foundation of understanding about digital media, processes, and possibilities for your clients. Sessions include creating time-based media from image, video, type, and data-sourced content. Learn how to develop and integrate content though a range of interfaces, including screen, projection, mobile devices, and interactive sensors. Sharpen your digital skills and be ready take them back to the office and put them to work right away on your next XGD project! This course will be instructed by top digital professionals from the Northwest and will allow for personal interaction with all participants through a focused workshop size.

What skills will I learn?

  • Designing time-based media using images, type and video
  • Designing dynamic media generated from surfaces, algorithmic interpolation and real-time data
  • Integrating your content in space using various display formats and content management systems
  • Using interactive content in your designs and sensors to track, provide feedback and trigger dynamic content


Can't make it to Xplorer in Seattle? Join us in Philadelphia in July!


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SEGD Xplorer Seattle Agenda Brief 07-15
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Jennifer Davis is the Chief Marketing Officer at Honeywell in Atlanta
Jennifer Davis
Christian Marc Schmidt, Schema
Christian Marc Schmidt
Sam Stubblefield headshot
Sam Stubblefield
David Mayman headshot
David Mayman
Rachel Esteffe
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Creating Digital Content at SEGD Xplorer Digital Camp

Xploring Content at Xplorer Digital Camp

Creating experiences in the age of digital technology means using new tools and even new parts of your brain to create content. Xplorer Digital Camp West—in Seattle Aug. 6—will introduce you to the tools and techniques you’ll need to create next-gen experiences, from video, type, and image to data and code. Join us in Seattle! (Better hurry, seats are filling fast!)

Eldheimar Volcano Museum

What Does it Take to be an Xplorer?

You know you need to hone your digital skills to grow your resume and your business. But what are the core digital competencies you should be developing? In June, the SEGD Academic Task Force issued the XGD Core Competencies, which outline the baseline skills essential for success in XGD. You can cover them all at the Xplorer Digital Camp coming up Aug. 6 in Seattle. But hurry—capacity is limited and seats are filling fast!

Sam Stubblefield and Christian Marc Schmidt

Seattle Dreaming

Sam Stubblefield and Christian Marc Schmidt both mix art, architecture, technology, and people, and see what happens. Stubblefield, experience design studio leader at NBBJ, and Schmidt, founder and principal of Seattle-based Schema, are true Xplorers. Join them at SEGD’s Xplorer Digital Camp West—August 6 in Seattle—and they'll inspire you to Xplore and Xperiment!

Native Voices at Penn Museum

Be an Xplorer at SEGD Digital Camps

Being an experiential graphic designer these days is like being an explorer—charting the course of your business or career, scanning the horizon for new opportunities, and scouting the right tools and skills to take advantages of those opportunities. That’s what SEGD’s Xplorer Digital Camps are all about: making sure you’re prepared for the increasingly digital and data-enabled projects in your future. 

>> Attend SEGD Xplorer Digital Camps in Philadelphia or Seattle this summer!

Photo montage: Josh Golblum, Bluecadet

Testing 1, 2, 3... Bluecadet's Process

As Bluecadet’s Founder and CEO, Josh Goldblum has devoted his career to doing award-winning work with organizations like the MoMA, Smithsonian Institution, Doctors Without Borders, and National Geographic to educate, engage, and entertain through websites, mobile apps, interactive installations, and immersive environments.

>>Josh will be sharing his experience at the hands-on digital experiential design workshop Xplorer East, July 23 in Philadelphia, hosted at Bluecadet’s office.<<

Photograph of Chris Whalen and John Morena, OpenEye Global

Clear Goals + Audience Empathy + Awesome Technology

“The possibilities are kind of endless. I don’t know how else to say it.”

Chris Whalen is the Creative Director at OpenEye Global, a firm specializing in digital experience design in retail spaces.  He’s very enthusiastic about the future of user interactions with digital screens and signage, and is a perpetual learner alongside collaborator John Morena, an expert in motion graphics, animation and video.

Are You an Xplorer?

What is fascinating about all disruption cycles is the solution that ultimately disrupts is not usually a completely new-to-the-world invention. Take the Ford Model T or the Wright Brothers Wright Flyer. Making gliders with humans flying on them was not new. The final piece of the puzzle though--how to make the flight stable--was! The personal computer was a similar story. The Apple 2 was not the first personal computer, but it was the first to combine a keyboard and screen with the processor, thus making it usable.

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