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Digital technology is transforming the way that people connect to spaces such as shopping centers, corporate visitor centers, shops, hotel lobbies, as well as public spaces. It's not just about consumerism, and it's not about more-is-more. It's about meaningful messaging, content, and experiences that emotionally connect people to their interests, their values, and their needs.

It's also about integration between technology, architecture, brand, and purpose. How do you create a valuable message and convey it to a customer, a client, or a potential end user in a public space? With multiple platforms such as mobile devices, digital apps, screens, and sensors competing for the attention and digital impressions of users, how do you figure out where the most value for your project is going to be? The solution should work effectively, and contribute to the creation of positive returns.

You'll find answers to your questions, and abundant ideas at SEGD's CX (Customer Experiences) Workshop being held on Tuesday March 10, at the Digital Sigange Expo in Las Vegas. Our speakers will be sharing not only case studies, but also the process they use to align their clients' (and their client's customers') goals using messaging, content, and brand channels that digital technology enables us to dynamically deploy throughout a myriad of spatial and use contexts.

Below are some links to some videos that will give you a taste of what to expect from our speakers at CX:

Stimulant Microsoft Cubeand Maxim Touch Wall| Reality Interactive Time Warner NYC Flagship| Array Interactive Adobe Executive Experienceand Orange County Convention Center| Gensler Harmon Flagship Storeand COEX


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Multi-Day Learning Opportunities
All SEGD CX Workshop attendees will receive a two-day pass to attend the Digital Signage Expo as part of their registration. The two-day pass allows for access to the DSE show floor on Wednesday March 11, and Thursday March 12. In addition to the floor access participants may join the DSE Welcome Reception on Wednesday March 11, 5:30-7:00pm. Attendees are also able to take up to 24 free educational workshops occurring in the theaters on the main show floor.

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Photograph of Darren David, Stimulant
Darren David
Photograph of Hoa Tong, Array Interactive
Hoa Tong
Brian Brindisi
Brian Brindisi
Matt Calkins, Gensler
Matt Calkins
Headshot of Brian Dyches, Open Eye, San Diego CoChapter Chair
Brian Dyches
Photograph of Matt Schmitt, Reflect
Matt Schmitt
Photograph of Jeffrey Dumo, Array Interactive
Jeffrey Dumo
Photograph of Douglas Hampton-Dowson, Reality Interactive
Douglas Hampton-Dowson
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Creating Digital Experiences for Your "Customers"

They’re probably not your customers. In fact, they may not be “customers" per se at all, but they are the key to your client’s ROI in your design. As shopping options increase, particularly in terms of the convenience, ease, and personalization of online shopping, the in-store shopper increasingly wants a similarly enhanced experience, but all the more memorable as it is happening in the physical environment.

Enter interactive "smart" shopping experiences.

What is Customer Experience and Why Should You Care?

Customer Experience is not just about the experiences customers have in retail settings. CX also refers to users in non-retail settings as well. At SEGD’s CX Workshop—March 10 at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas—you’ll see how this form of experience design is using digital technology to connect people to brands and spaces—from retail stores to sports arena and from hospitality and entertainment venues to corporate spaces.

dBCube by Stimulant

Customer Experience in the State of Flow

Innovation studio Stimulant uses emerging technologies to transform static physical spaces into dynamic interactive environments. Their ultimate goal, beyond connecting people with brands, is to create that elusive State of Flow between content, curiosity, and memorable experience. Join Stimulant CEO Darren David at SEGD’s CX Workshop March 10 in Las Vegas! This week, he and Design Director Nathan Moody gave SEGD a sneak preview of their presentation on balance, technology, and emerging possibilities.

Adobe Briefing Center

Architect-ing Customer Experience with Array Interactive

Jeff Dumo uses the word “architect” as a verb. His agency Array Interactive “architects” digital experiences for built environments. That’s an important grammatical and functional distinction, because Array believes digital experiences should be a seamless part of the physical space, not pasted on as an afterthought. Learn how Dumo tackles customer experience—and what he thinks about the term “digital signage”—at the SEGD CX Workshop March 10 in Las Vegas!

In Harman-y - Customer Experience In-Store

When Harman International asked Gensler to design its first North American audio flagship store on Madison Avenue in New York, the Gensler team approached the project with two questions: How do people consume music? And how can we provide an unforgettable, immersive customer experience at the new store? (This award-winning project will be profiled at SEGD’s CX Workshop March 10 in Las Vegas! Join us there!)

CX and You: Unlock the Power!

Innovating Customer Experience at Retail

With his 25-year career spent in store planning and retail architecture, Brian Dyches is an authority on global retail design, marketing, and customer experience. As a headliner at SEGD's CX Workshop March 10 at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas, he'll cover trends, innovations, and opportunities for designers, technology experts, and brand marketing professionals to harness the power of digital technology.

Customer Experience in the Real World

The ways we engage with the world have changed radically, and seemingly overnight. We look at the world through the filter of our smart phones and tablets and, increasingly, through a network of digital interfaces wherever we go. In the subway system, embedded interface technology and digital kiosks help me find the right train and provide tips about shops and amenities nearby. At McDonalds, I can order a custom hamburger (avocado, please, hold the pickles) via a new digital interface. I can add to my parking meter remotely via my smartphone.

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