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The summit hotel is the ALoft Downtown Hotel. SEGD has secured a limited number of rooms at a discounted rate. On the ALoft site please use the promo code "segd" to check if there are still discounted rooms available.

Learn more about why you need to attend the SEGD Business Summit by watching our preview video below!


The summit will address a host of contemporaneous issues design firms and leadership are facing, and during the day, you'll have the opportunity to have your burning questions addressed.

Questions like: 

  • What new business models and product platforms should I be looking at?
  • Should I consider selling my practice?
  • Should I be looking beyond design for ways to grow my business?
  • What role does design thinking play in the development of next generation practices?
  • Do we buy a smaller firm to develop strategic capabilities or develop that talent in-house?
  • What are the skills the next generation needs to have for us to remain competitive?
  • What is technology going to do to the old service models we have relied on for years?
  • Do we need to consider recruiting a new partner that has more technology and digital expertise?
  • How can I grow my design business?
  • How can I make sure my company continues and thrives after I leave?
  • How can I recruit young designers to my company and keep them happy?


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Mark VanderKlipp
Henry Beer, CommArts, Stantec, Boulder, Colorado
Henry Beer
Photograph of Lauren Kelly, Mustard Square
Lauren Kelly Sheridan
Kelly Kolar, Principle and Founder of Kolar Design
Kelly Kolar
Harry Spetnagel
Harry Spetnagel
Vijay Mathews, W&C
Vijay Mathews
Kevin Budelmann, President Peopledesign Headshot
Kevin Budelmann
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SEGD Business of Design Summit 2015

The Future of Your Design Business

Today’s design landscape poses vastly different challenges than ever before, but also new and exciting possibilities for practitioners willing to be agile, adaptive, and opportunistic. SEGD’s first-ever Business of Design Summit—February 19 in Denver—focused on the hottest issues in design business and how innovative thinkers are shaping their practices for the future.

The Design of Your Business, Clive Roux

The Design of Your Business

By Clive Roux

A Board member recently asked me how, in just two years, we have been able to turn SEGD around after several years of decline to achieve all-time record improvements in practically everything we do.

“It’s the economy, stupid” was the simple answer. To which he replied, “That cannot possibly account for all of it!”

SEGD Business of Design Summit: Wooing Gen Y

Recruiting Gen Y: Creating a Platform for Success

For sure it's an oversimplification to say, “It’s a generational thing.” But there ARE some key differences between Millennials and their older counterparts in the design world. The Business of Design Summit will investigate this, among other topics. As Brand Design Director in Gensler’s Denver office, Harry Spetnagel is responsible for hiring the new talent in his group—so he understands the unique opportunities and challenges that Gen Y designers bring. At SEGD’s Business of Design Summit Feb.

Lauren Kelly and Vijay Mathews

Business of Design Summit 2015

The Next-Gen Design Practice: Lauren Kelly & Vijay Mathews

Lauren Kelly and Vijay Mathews are both 30-ish entrepreneurs. Both are designers with a geeky side. Both have found ways to innovate design processes with new digital tools. And both are riding the tidal wave of technology impacting design practice today. Join them at the SEGD Business of Design Summit Feb. 19 in Denver, where they'll be co-leading the session on Emerging Business Models & Platforms!

Kelly Kolar

SEGD Business of Design Summit 2015

Kelly Kolar: Evolving the Value Proposition in Design Practice

Kelly Kolar has grown her company from a solopreneur design studio to an international, multi-million dollar company providing strategy as well as design service offerings. Always looking to the future and evolving her firm, Kelly will be a featured speaker at the SEGD Business of Design Summit February 19 in Denver. Join her and learn about raising your design offering to a strategic level!

Photo: Business of Design Summit

Business of Design 2015: Legacy & Transition

Your Company After You

What does your company’s future look like? Will it survive beyond you? Ownership/leadership transition is a hot topic in design today, and in the EGD/XGD community, many owners  are planning their legacies—or should be. Legacy and transition are major themes at SEGD’s Business of Design Summit Feb. 19 in Denver, featuring innovators like Henry Beer (CommArts/Stantec) and Mark VanderKlipp (Corbin Design)!

Business of Design

The Holidays are the Perfect Time to Do a Bit of Soul Searching

The Business of Design, says consultant and author Keith Granet, is about balancing creativity and profitability. I think we can all live with that as a simple definition.

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