Workplace of the Future: Innovating for What's Next

Thursday, February 25, 2021 - 11:00am

Technology + the Contactless Future

Join this FREE webinar where a panel of experts, including Edson Cabalfin, SEGD Fellow Ed Schlossberg, and Serge Bruylants, will be answering questions regarding digital transformation and how technology is going to change the future. During this Q&A format webinar, the panel will answer questions about how the future of the workplace needs to be reimagined, taking into account remote, hybrid, and the new immersive experiences in the digital and physical world. They'll focus on the impact and use of cutting-edge technology, digital media, art, VR/AR, and physical design to inspire audiences to meet, network, learn, collaborate, and be entertained with delight and how all of this is possible because of technology. All attendees will be able to send in and ask the panelists the questions they have about the Future of Design. Hosted by the Kolar Experience Institute. Register now!

Thursday, February 25th at 11am EST

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