Winners all around!

Jesse Yungner and Adam Halverson with their Mahi-Mahi Catch

The 2017 SEGD Conference Experience Miami wound down very late Saturday evening and many happy but tired members found themselves with just a few hours left before their flights. The situation begged the question: is there a point to going to sleep at all? To everyone flying out at the crack of dawn on Sunday, we salute your dedication to your families!

Meanwhile, SEGD members Jesse Yungner of Visual Communications, Isabelle Gomez of Encompass Sign Systems, Kira Winstel, Jeremiah Albrecht, Chandler and Adam Halverson took the opportunity to do something special right after the conference. Sunday they set out on the ocean for a successful fishing trip, returning with a serious catch. Mahi Mahi anyone?

Thank you to all who attended another great SEGD conference. 2018 Conference Chair Gary Stemler and the whole Minneapolis community look forward to welcoming you to their city next year. (Funny enough, Minneapolis is Jesse and Adam's hometown.)

We can't wait to see what the community comes up with to top Experience Miami!

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