Whybrow Becomes Whybrow Pedrola

Whybrow Becomes Whybrow Pedrola (image: Whybrow and Pedrola portrait)

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Ian Whybrow and Heath Pedrola are partners of newly formed Whybrow Pedrola (London). They are from different sides of the planet; South East England for Ian and North East Australia for Heath.They met at a Society of Experiential Graphic Design event in San Francisco.

Whybrow has been an established agency in London for over 20 years and has developed a reputation among ambitious, exacting clients. Whybrow delivered the wayfinding for the RIBA Stirling prize winning Bloomberg European HQ in the City of London. They have also delivered major British cultural projects like Tate Britain, British Museum, Brighton Dome and the Turner Contemporary. 

Heath Pedrola joined Whybrow last year after 15 years as a designer and wayfinding design strategist in Australia, where he led major international projects across corporate and commercial sectors from airports, events and stadiums, to retail, education and healthcare.


As well as expanding their offer into more sectors, Whybrow also wanted to bring design in-house, remarking: “We will still work as the strategy and implementation partner to designers, but we want to offer a faster, more holistic approach for clients who come to us direct. Our strengths combined make a powerful offer to clients. We aim for a reductive, light touch, common sense approach to wayfinding and placemaking design. That’s the core of Whybrow Pedrola.”

See more: whybrowpedrola.com

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