What is SEGD?


are an association of people who create content-rich, emotionally compelling, experiential spaces for a wide range of environments, from hospitals and transit hubs to museums and educational campuses.

Our work creates a sense of place, helps people find their way, communicates important information and fuels a dialogue between users and the spaces they inhabit.

We develop static and digital wayfinding systems, signage, environmental graphics, exhibition content, multimedia installations, public art, user interfaces and branded/corporate environments.

We research, plan, design and build a diverse range of visual communications and information systems for the built environment.

What We Believe In

We are dedicated to a multidisciplinary and collaborative design process that puts user needs first.

We strive to create environments that improve the human experience.

We are committed to knowledge sharing and continually raising the standards of practice in a design discipline that has the potential to enrich the lives of people wherever they work, play, shop, learn, travel, or gather.

SEGD is committed to continuously evolving and improving its services. Read how your association is doing in CEO Updates.

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