What is a Firm Listing?

What is a Firm Listing?

It’s an exclusive landing page for your firm on SEGD.org. A Firm Listing buys visibility for your firm and the services you provide, whether you are a designer, fabricator, or vendor.

Besides your images and introductory text, it also gathers all content published about your firm and members on SEGD.org onto one single page, including:

  • Full-width images of one or more projects
  • Your firm’s logo
  • Short description highlighting your firm's skills and experience
  • Feature articles where your firm has been mentioned
  • Awards your firm and staff have won
  • Member News
  • Member Bios
  • Blog articles you contribute
  • Talks and presentations you give at any SEGD event

A Firm Listing is the marketing device you need to connect your firm to the traffic flow visiting SEGD.org. Your Firm Listing will rotate on the Firms page—a top 20 page on SEGD.org—and also on every one of the 10,000+ pages on the site. Drive traffic and awareness of your firm to the traffic visiting SEGD.org:

  • 460,000 annual visits
  • 380,000 unique visitors
  • 3,000,000+ pageviews
  • 90,000+ outbound links (qualified interested visitors from SEGD.org) to members’ websites

Purchasea Firm Listing.

Submityour Firm Listing content.

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