What Does it Take to be an Xplorer?

Xplorer Digital Camp covers the baseline skills you need!

You know you need to hone your digital skills to grow your resume and your business. But what are the core digital competencies you should be developing? In June 2015, the SEGD Academic Task Force issued the XGD Core Competencies, which outline the baseline skills essential for success in the dynamic field of Experiential Graphic Design. You can cover them all at the Xplorer Digital Camp coming up Aug. 6 in Seattle. But hurry—capacity is limited and seats are filling fast!

What are the basic skills, knowledge, and core competencies essential for success in Experiential Graphic Design? What digital tools, technological knowledge, and work processes should you know about and be applying in your work? The new SEGD Core Competencies for XGDoutline these skills and competencies, and the SEGD Xplorer Digital Camps (July 23 in Philadephia and August 6 in Seattle) were designed to cover the landscape.

Xplorer Digital Camps are designed for beginners who don’t speak “digital”; intermediate-level designers who have done some digital work but want to delve deeper into XGD and learn about the latest digital tools and integration; and even the experts who are active in digital work but want to see what everyone else is up to.

At the Xplorer Digital Camp August 6 in Seattle,design and tech thought leaders will bring you up to speed on the latest approaches to creating digital content, integrating content via digital platforms, and using the latest hardware and software systems available for creating today’s dynamic experiences. Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll learn:

Creating Digital Content
with Julie Guirl, Gensler, and Rachel Fujita, RFXD
Generating time-based media including video, image, and type

and David Mayman, Gensler
Generating dynamic media from surfaces, algorithmic interpolation, and real-time data

Integrating with Digital Platforms
(attendees will select one track)

Track 1: Screens and Media Integration
with Jennifer Davis, Planar
Learn about the processes for planning, designing, and integrating screens and screen-based media experiences in physical environments.

Track 2: Sensors, Devices, and Arduino
with Sam Stubblefield, NBBJ Studio 07
Explore opportunities for creating interactive content and using open-source computing and sensor technology to track, provide feedback, or trigger dynamic experiences in a digital experience.

Track 3: Processing 101
with Christian Marc Schmidt, Schema
Learn how Processing, an open-source programming platform, can interface with devices, data, and content and allow you to create experiences for screen, device, and physical space.

>>Join your fellow Xplorers August 6 in Seattle!

>>Review the SEGD Core Competencies for XGD.

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