What Do You Need To Become An Experiential Graphic Designer?

There are very few coursesin the USA that will prepare you to become a practicing Experiential Graphic Designer. Designers start in this field through various design routes such as Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Interactive Design. In fact, what makes this field so interesting is that to be good, you need to have the skills of all of these! Communication and typography, solving problems and making real physical things, dealing with space and understanding user centered experience and interaction design. For this reason, it is difficult for Design Consultancies to hire students as there is still so much that needs to be learned.

SEGD's Education committee has put together the core competencies needed for Experiential Graphic Design (EGD)as well as Professional Practice.They can be found along with many other great resources and a comprehensive book list of essential reading on the practice of Environmental Graphic Design on the Educationtab.

If you are serious about getting into Experiential Graphic Design, you can greatly improve your chances by working with the Core Competences and building your projects and portfolio around them so that you get experience in the right areas.

In 1973, the founders of SEGD started the association with the belief that what they were doing was much more than just signs and they were right. They christened the new discipline Environmental Graphic Design. Today the field encompasses many practice areas such as wayfinding, Placemaking, Exhibition and Exhibit Design, Retail, Sports and Entertainment, Public Spaces and Workplaces. In 2013 after decades of that notion being expended the Board agreed to widen the umbrella even more as it was very clear that for the past two decades the field had been rapidly expanding beyond graphic design and static design to dynamic, interactive, content rich designs. Hence the wider umbrella term Experiential Graphic Design was adopted. Read the definitions of Environmental Graphic Designand Experiential Graphic Designto get a clear understanding and view the SEGD presentationthat gives a good overview of the field.

The Xplore menu tab of this website is where you will find all of the content on the site filtered by Practice, Industry Vertical and Design Fundamentals. This tab provides the key to the kingdom of EGD/XGD, so use it wisely! There is also a dropdown menu under the Xplore menu tab called SEGDTalks that contains all the presentations given at the workshops this year. They are all free to members when you log into the website. There are some incredible learnings to be gained by watching these sessions where you will learn all about the projects, challenges and tools and methods and designers practicing the craft.

Finally, in the Store you will find over 100 Courses on detailed topics about how to practice EGD/XGD.

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