What is Customer Experience and Why Should You Care?

Customer Experience is not just about the experiences customers have in retail settings. CX also refers to users in non-retail settings as well. At SEGD’s CX Workshop—March 10 at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas—you’ll see how this form of experience design is using digital technology to connect people to brands and spaces—from retail stores to sports arena and from hospitality and entertainment venues to corporate spaces.

“Customer Experience is NOT just about selling products,” says Jeff Dumo, co-founder of digital agency Array Interactive and a featured CX Workshop speaker. “We believe in creating experiences that connect the brand message to the right audience. That could be a sports fan visiting an arena, seeing only-at-game content that reminds them they are as much a part of the team as the players are, or an inspiring story that makes a visit to the hospital more comfortable. Or an elegant, in-lobby animation sequence that engages employees and instills a feeling of pride.”

The CX Workshop was created for designers, fabricators, marketers, and technology integrators who want to see what the cutting edge of CX looks like, and how they can deliver the best ROI to their clients by integrating digital technology with physical spaces.

Digital technology is transforming the way people connect to brands and spaces such as shopping centers, corporate executive suites, shops, hotel lobbies, and public spaces, says Darren David of San Francisco-based innovation studio Stimulant.

“We’re already at a point where digital experiences can go beyond the glowing 16:9 rectangle,” David says. “There are many opportunities to build the relationship between the physical space and visitors in a way that not only conveys content, message, and brand, but is self-fulfilling from the standpoint of the interaction itself. I’m talking about not just touch, but things like bone induction audio or articulated 3D sculpture, just to name a couple of examples. There are lots of ways we can create experiences where people are having a dialogue—or even a dance with the physical space.”

For studios like Stimulant and Array, projects often focus on the magic of shared experience, such as Stimulant’s #dBCube dance party created for the Decibel Festival in Seattle and Array’s gesture-based video wall at the Adobe headquarters that helps inspired collaboration, innovation, and creativity among employees.

Retail applications—such as the smart dressing rooms in and Rebecca Minkoff stores and Neiman Marcus' "Magic Mirrors," as well as Gensler’s architecturally and digitally integrated Harman flagship store—can provide some inspiring examples for other types of spaces, says Brian Dyches, director of experience design and strategy for OpenEye Global. Dyches’ 25-year career in store planning and design and retail architecture has shown that “it’s about creating a 360-degree, completely orchestrated experience that tells the brand story.” Today, the elements include not only physical components such as architecture, fixturing, and signage, but olfactory and audio as well a fast-growing array of digital tools.

The CX Workshop is about integration between technology, architecture, brand, and purpose,” says Justin Molloy, SEGD’s director of education and curator of the CX Workshop. “The CX Workshop is designed to show you how to convey your key message to the customer/client/end user. Whether it’s physical signage or digital applications, a multi-user interactive screen or gesture-based technology, you’ll learn how to match the setting and message with the appropriate medium. Speakers will share not only their case studies, but the process they used to align their clients’ goals with messaging, content, brand, and place.”

Looking for the cutting edge in CX? Register today! Your CX Workshop registration includes full access to the Digital Signage Expo show floor on Wednesday, March 11, and Thursday, March 12, plus access to the opening reception and up to 24 free learning sessions on the the show floor.

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