Westpac Project Wins LAUS Award for Frost*

Westpac by Frost

Integration of Westpac Group’s values and aspirations through signage and graphic forms required expertise in environmental brand storytelling and competence in strategic branding. The work had to complement Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners’ design intent as much as it needed to work with Geyer’s interior design.

In collaboration with Geyer, Urbanite (Frost* Collective) developed a concept approach built around the notion of "Boundless", representing Westpac’s organizational and project aspirations and providing core drivers for signage and graphic forms. Urbanite’s creative strategy shirks disinterest. The subtle and tailored design approach is powerfully evident throughout.

Urbanite (Frost* Collective) identified key user spaces to create memorable and unique tactile signage, graphics, and placemaking solutions directly integrated into architectural materials and design features. This approach works to strengthen the user experience such as the 23m long concrete rendered graphic pattern assisting orientation and wayfinding.

The project has rewritten the blueprint for the city’s 3-building campus. Urbanite (Frost* Collective) has translated Westpac’s brand ideas into tangible spaces connecting staff to its environment thereby developing a sense of place and journey unique to the brand. The creative partnership between Frost* and Westpac has added real value by uncovering key user insights to create memorable branded experiences.

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