Wayne Hunt's Sketchbook

Sketching is really about seeing things more clearly.


Wayne Hunt, FSEGD
Hunt Design, Pasadena, Calif.

Drawing has always been important to me for both personal and professional reasons. Sketching is really about seeing things more clearly. I love photography, but it's just not the same. A major milestone for me about 15 years ago was putting aside the 35-mm camera and picking up a sketchbook. I take it everywhere. I draw from life in the front of the book and flip it over and work from the back for project sketches, notes, lists, etc. When front and back pages meet in the middle I toss the book onto a shelf and start a new book. I've got about 50 or so books so far.

For developing ideas quickly, sketching is not only efficient, but for me provides a kind of iterative feedback not possible with the computer. I once heard that one's inability to draw perfectly actually leads to productive variations as an idea develops--your mistakes suggest new directions. This is not possible on a computer where everything looks "perfect." Being the "drawer" in our office, my cryptic sketches often lead straight to tighter Sketch-up and Photoshop presentations.

For Descanso Gardens I did quick doodles of three or four ideas, then drew tighter versions of a couple. The client asked for something in color so I made one more with ink and watercolor -- still quite loose and not really architecturally correct.

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