Wayne Hunt Reacts to the Iconography of Social Distancing Around the World

Wayne-Hunt, Principal Hunt Design Associates, Past President of SEGD

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Creatives from around the world are tackling social distancing in various ways. In an effort to help the public denote the advised safety distance of six feet or two meters apart, people are employing chalk marks, tape, signs, floor stickers, signs, furniture, among other creative avenues. 

In an interview with Quartz, prominent wayfinding designer, founder of Hunt Design, and SEGD Member, Wayne Hunt, explains how graphic cues are a necessity in some environments and yet can fall short of functional in others if not carefully executed.

In the article, Hunt observes how graphic cues are useful due to the public's common inability to approximate distances. He asserts that graphic markers are useful in providing people with a more visual instruction of social distancing when they are standing in lines or navigating waiting rooms. However, "there is no environmental signage solution for unstructured spaces," such as in playgrounds or elevators. Therefore, more creative solutions are necessary.

All and all, Hunt expresses finding inspiration and appeal in how "everybody's rising to the occasion with their own graphic language." Hunt continues by explaining that "people solve problems intuitively. Professional designers give it a style and form, but it's hard to beat with the store manager would do, for instance. I'm a big fan of the vernacular."

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