Wayfinding Planning and EGD in Existing and Expanded Facilities

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What you will Learn

Most environmental graphic designers do not get the opportunity to work with a blank slate, but need to work with existing facilities and older sign programs, whether through a renovation or a new addition to existing buildings. This course focuses on the strategy for developing a program to work with existing facilities based on existing programs, room number planning, expansion planning, and maintenance and management policy. By walking through convention, healthcare, and office facilities you will see the design decision process that results in entirely new programs and improvements to existing programs, or a combination of systems.

Topics Covered

  • Strategies for linking existing and new facilities
  • Room numbering strategies (Gladys Brenner)


Course Materials

  • One Audio file and one PDF presentation



  • Approximately 49 minutes



  • Mari Frith, Mari Frith and Associates
  • Gladys Brenner, AB Design


First presented 30 March, 2004

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