Wayfinding PictograficSystems: Nonverbal, Universal

Wayfinding PictograficSystems: Nonverbal, Universal

By Paul Arthur and Branimir Zlamalik

Just as the world has adopted coordinated alphabet systems, the same should be done with pictorial images. Because no common descriptions exist, we are constantly exposed to different pictographic images representing the same thing. There is, however, a very real need for universality. A coordinated, integrated, pictograph system, with specific descriptions for each image, would be recognized throughout the entire world, regardless of language and culture. This type of system will achieve true internationalism.

PictograficSystems© contains over 570 pictographs and is possibly the largest resource of coordinated graphic symbols in the world. The research is still ongoing, and, eventually, thousands of pictographic images – representing common actions, services, objects or facilities – will be added.

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