WAYFINDING People, Signs, and Architecture

WAYFINDING People, Signs, and Architecture

By Paul Arthur & Romedi Passini

This book brings together expertise on all three of the elements that comprise wayfinding within the context of the built environment: architecture, graphics, and verbal human interaction.

In other words, this book is not just about signs; it is about everything one needs to know in order to design settings that will be user-friendly and that will work the way they should - at least as far as the all-important communications aspects are concerned.

Readers will gain a better understanding of the wayfinding difficulties people have and why they have them; they will also discover what wayfinding is and how the process works through detailed examination of the architectural, graphic, aural, and tactile components involved in wayfinding design.

Wayfinding is, in effect, a prescription for a much-needed design discipline.

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