Watchfire Signs

A bright past. A brighter future.

In 1932, Watchfire proudly put up its first sign - to signify that it was in business as Time-O-Matic, an industry leader in innovations like the Time and Temperature signs that became landmarks at banks and downtown corner stores across the nation.

Now over 80 years later, the company is still on the cutting edge of technology as a leading LED sign manufacturer, having added Watchfire to its name in 2001. It continues to grow and lead the way into the future, making it easier and more affordable for clients to bring their message to their audience.

The company has led the way in research and rugged product testing, so you know you can count on your American made sign for years to come.

The company's commitment to service and support is unmatched among outdoor LED sign manufacturers. The company is dedicated to offering the best possible service to its customers before, during and after the sale, and its network of dealers are familiar with its reliable technical and sales support.

American Made

The company is proud not only to be part of the American landscape as an outdoor LED sign and digital billboard manufacturer, but to be designed and built in the American heartland, too. Its outdoor LED displays are engineered, and its Ignite® Graphics Software is coded and updated, from its newly expanded Danville, Illinois headquarters. And should you ever have a question about your LED sign, you'll reach our the company's center in Illinois.

From the drawing board to the shipping dock to the customer service center, it's all in the USA. That kind of pride goes into every Watchfire LED message center.

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