Off the Wall

Special Mention Award

This exhibit is an educational collaboration between SEGD and AIGA, inviting visitors to experience dimensions of communications and information, wayfinding and signs, identity and environments, and interpretive exhibits and retail.

As visitors approached the storefront gallery, they noticed letters forming the title transforming from 2-D to 3-D on the surface of the glass. This device attempted to lay the conceptual groundwork for the installation - the idea of graphics and design moving from a two-dimensional plane to a three-dimensional environment. As visitors entered the first gallery, they were immersed in an environment in which portions of the perimeter wall literally peeled off, folding into the space. These panels became the background for displays of a selection of projects that highlight specific aspects of work created by SEGD members. Then visitors passed through a transition space - the SEGD Portal. This space served the purpose of presenting information on SEGD such as the mission, activities, membership, publications, etc. The rear gallery space presented a dialogue between designers and the general public. A series of six translucent monoliths contained statements by designers on the meaning and impact of environmental graphic design.

Jury Comments: 

"This temporary exhibit quite literally came off the flat walls of the gallery space to reinforce and reflect the dimensional character of environmental graphic design. Overcoming changing constraints and an extremely low budget, the project is commended for the clarity of design, creativity, and simplicity that result in an engaging and informative exhibit."

Design Firm: 

Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership



Location City: 

New York, New York

Project Area: 


Open Date: 


Project Budget: 


Photo Credits: 

James Wilkins

Design Team: 

Lee H. Skolnick, FAIA (Principal in Charge), Jo Ann Secor, Cynthia Smith, Miguel Cardenas, Chris Muller, Effie Chou, Christina Lyons


Douglas Morris, Poulin+Morris; Gabriela Mirensky, AIGA


Allen Shanosky and Omar Mejias, Applied Image, Inc., Mark Andreasson and Erick Lacy, Design Communications, Ltd.; Douglas Fixell and Danielle Olsen, Dimensional Communications, Inc.; Gary Anzalone and Gina DeBenedittis, Precision Engraving

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