VSBA Creates QR Code Signage

VSBA architects and planners (Philadelphia) designed a system of interactive signage for historical sites in Cumberland County, N.J.

Cumberland County wanted to bring attention to its historic structures and sites, including homes, the Millville Army Air Field and Museum, the 17th century Swedish Granary, the East Point Lighthouse, the Garton Road Shul, banks, and churches, all publicly accessible. For each site, they scripted and recorded a five-minute interpretive podcast. VSBA was asked to design a signage system for 15 initial locations, with the idea that other sites would be included in the program later. Each sign identifies its location and features a prominent QR code—which, when scanned by a smartphone or other device, links to the appropriate podcast. Instead of traditional interpretative signage, this method allows content to change without sign changes.

The large-scale QR code and place name appeal to passing cars and distant viewers, while smaller text and design details address pedestrians reading and scanning the sign. VSBA tested full-scale mock-ups to ensure that the codes would be scannable at appropriate heights and distances.The project won an Award of Merit from the American Association for State and Local History. See more of the project here.

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