VR Cinema for Social Change - Barry Pousman


Barry Pousman is an award-winning creative producer focused on the future of media, art, education, and social change. Barry is the COO and Lead Producer at LightShed.io, an immersive production company unparalleled in the social impact space. Barry is also a research fellow at Johns Hopkins University's Immersive Storytelling and Emerging Technologies lab where he leads creative workshops, develops new courses, and advises on student projects.

Before moving to Seattle, Barry worked with the Institute for the Future, the world's leading strategic foresight think tank to develop and implement digital strategies, content initiatives, and global events. Barry is formerly a Chief Digital Strategist at the UN where he helped implement effective new media initiatives around the promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals.

In his work with the UN, Barry created seminal Virtual Reality experiences (Clouds Over Sidra, My Mother's Wing, etc) and viral video campaigns, organized UN General Assembly exhibitions, and facilitated international summits and workshops. His work has created measured real-world impact and has screened at the World Economic Forum at Davos, the White House, Sundance, won the Interactive Award at Sheffield Doc Fest and been written about in The New York Times, Vice, the BBC, and beyond.

Barry shared stories from his adventures in crafting immersive VR cinema for social change. He’ll also shared some levers we can use to achieve empathy in our work.

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