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Visix is a privately held software development firm based outside of Atlanta, Georgia, with field sales offices in Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco, Dallas, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee and Boston.

We provide digital signage solutions for corporate, education, healthcare and government facilities. To date, we have deployed over 3,000 digital signage solutions on three continents, and more than 1000 systems on higher education campuses.

Enterprise Solutions
Only Visix provides unified, enterprise-level digital signage. Our software publishes to displays, desktops, webpages, smartphones and room signs – all from a single interface. Communicate from anywhere, to anywhere.

Organizational Communications
Why struggle with modifying retail applications to fit your needs? We concentrate on organizational communications, and our products and people are focused on making our products work in YOUR environment.

Powerful Room Signs
Ours is the most extensive room sign line available. Interactive models let you create walk-up reservations and e-paper signs are wireless and affordable. All of our room signs easily integrate with your scheduling system.

Professional Services
We’ll work with you to maximize every aspect of your system. From consulting to creative, configuration to training – our experts share their technical expertise to help you craft a complete digital signage strategy.

Easily engage and motivate your audience with our digital signage solutions – manage your meeting spaces, improve the visitor experience and increase safety.

We’ll partner with you to recommend systems tailored to your facilities and culture. We’re not just pushing product – we believe in service before, during and after the sale to make sure you have everything you need for a successful deployment. We’ll do everything we can to help you simplify and unify your visual communications. Our team vows to:

  • Make it simple: We make our technologies fast, easy and intuitive to use
  • Maximize the benefits: We make sure you are comfortable with our products and help you in every step of the communications process
  • Focus on the long game: We want to form long-lasting relationships with our clients
  • Keep it exciting: We constantly explore and innovate to inspire ourselves and our customers

With 3,000+ active installations, hundreds of thousands of screens and millions of viewers, we have the experience and passion to help you communicate better.

Visix Offers Complete Digital Signage Solutions.


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