Victor Zepeda

Victor Zepeda, Blair Sign Programs
Santee, CA

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Born and raised in the San Diego/ Baja California area Victor Zepeda’s passion for art and design began when he started drawing at an early age. Not stopping there Victor learned digital arts at Grossmont College where he graduated with an A.A. in digital arts media and fine art. Victor’s early graphic design work began with creating promotional art for on campus events. Working with the student government director of publicity and the college art director, he was able to gain insight into the way images should be made, arranged, and ultimately appear.

Shortly after, Victor Zepeda produced a 7 foot by 30 foot mural for print for the Eastlake Filippi’s restaurant. Art Production is also a part of Victor’s continuing live performance art company, as a performer and promoter for this project,  he produces animations, video content, T-Shirt designs, postcard flyers and posters to promote live shows, as well as promotional art for the company’s Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr pages. In his appreciation for the fine arts Victor is always thinking about incorporating the principles of design to his art, from painting and drawing to photo retouching and page layout.

In 2014 Victor joined the Blair Sign Programs design team. There he is part of a group that produces in depth design/build documentation for the environmental branding and re-branding of national companies. Victor continues to grow as an artist with Blair Sign Programs, and is an integral part of the company’s growth.

View more of Victor Zepeda's work at Blair Sign Programs. Connect with Victor on LinkedIn.

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