Van Gogh For All Traveling Art Exhibition Opening In Chicago August 15

Van Gogh For All Traveling Art Exhibition Opening In Chicago August 15

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Van Gogh for All, a traveling exhibit focused on introducing young audiences to Vincent van Gogh’s work, is returning to Chicago. Popping up on the Magnificent Mile at 333 N. Michigan Avenue, the experiential environment will be open to the public Sunday, August 15 through Sunday, September 26. The traveling exhibit was developed as a design-build collaboration between Luci Creative, Ravenswood Studio, and the Dolores Kohl Education Foundation.

Van Gogh for All allows visitors to explore and interact with over fifty high-definition facsimiles of Van Gogh’s artwork. The exhibit incorporates multimedia experiences, hands-on interactive activities, and plenty of Instagram-worthy photo opportunities.

Audiences can see, touch, and create like van Gogh, in different ways throughout the experience. Visitors can step inside a three-dimensional recreation of Van Gogh’s well-known Bedroom in Arles, manipulate an oversized digital sky in his famous Starry Night painting, and even draw their own masterpieces to hang on the wall next to recreations of Van Gogh’s famous works.

The pop-up includes over twelve interaction points where visitors can be inspired by Van Gogh’s colorful creations, sparking an interest in visiting art museums. From all ages and generations, families can learn together about his creative and artistic mind.

Elements of the exhibit embody the style and spirit of Van Gogh’s many artworks, highlighting vibrant, bold colors, and animated textures. In Van Gogh for All, visitors are transported to another time and place, immersing them in the artist’s world, his inspiration, and his process.

Tickets can be purchased online for this pop-up event by visiting

About Luci Creative:
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About Ravenswood Studio Inc:
Ravenswood Studio is a custom fabrication company driven by passionate artisans who take pride in every aspect of each project. We build exhibits for museums, cultural institutions, brands, and corporations, as well as sets and scenery for theater, television, and film. Celebrating over 30 years as one of the nation’s most talented builders, we fabricate projects of all scales and complexities. We use state-of-the-art fabrication technologies and materials to produce award-winning projects that set our clients apart time and time again. For more information, please visit

About Dolores Kohl Education Foundation:
With the goal of enhancing children's learning through experiential, innovative programming, the Dolores Kohl Education Foundation was launched in 1974. As a private international operating foundation, it creates and directs new paradigms for children's learning. For information on the Dolores Kohl Education Foundation, please visit

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