Urban Sign on the Forefront of Coronavirus and Fabricator Support

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Architectural fabricator, Urban Sign, is dedicating resources to help donate masks and intubators that they produce to BronxCare and New York Presbyterian, two hospitals that could potentially run out of necessary PPE without support.

With offices in New York, Rochester, and Vineland, Urban Sign is located in and around the epicenter of the Coronavirus outbreak and many of the institutions they support have fallen on tough times in the wake of the pandemic, thus encouraging the fabricator service to take action.

For hospitals outside of the outbreak center of New York and Philadelphia, the fabricator service has pledged to provide 100 free masks upon request. From there, Urban Sign will charge $6 per mask for any additional masks and $195 for intubation boxes which will be donated to the New York effort.

Additionally, Urban Sign will continue its mission in sign installation and maintenance support services offered throughout the Northeast during this difficult time including the placement of large banners erected within days of the order from Bronxcare. For all fabricators, Urban Sign is hoping to provide support services within six hours anywhere in the Northeast from its three locations.

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