Urban Sign Awarded a 2016 Craftsmanship Award

UMBC Gateway Urban Sign

Urban Sign was awarded a 2016 Craftsmanship Award by the Building Congress & Exchange for their work on the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) gateway sign, which was designed by Cloud Gehshan Associates for their client the Whiting Turner Contracting Company. The sign serpentines along the landscape for over 120 feet and is nearly 8' high on the left, shrinking to 3' on the right. The background pattern, evoking the Maryland State flag, was fabricated using a varied dot pattern. At night, the large glowing backlit channel letters and interior lighting create a grand entrance to the college campus. The biggest challenge in fabrication was consistently forming the sign to the undulating concrete base. Success was ensured with multiple on-site mock-ups.

Photo credit: Cloud Gehshan

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