Urban Sign and Cloud Gehshan Associates Team Up on an Award-Winning Sign

UMBC by Urban Sign

This award-winning gateway sign serpentines its way along the campus landscape for more than 120 feet. About 8 ft. high on the left, the sign descends down to 3 ft. on the right, "gloving" over the unique shape of the formed-concrete base. The background pattern, evoking the Maryland State flag, is fabricated using a varied dot pattern. At night, the large glowing backlit channel letters and interior lighting create a grand entrance to the college campus.

Installed in the center of a traffic circle, the sign needed to be beautiful from every angle. The biggest challenge in fabrication was consistently forming the sign to the undulating concrete base; success was ensured with multiple on-site mock-ups.

Cloud Gehshan Associates(Philadelphia) with Urban Sign Company and Stantec, developed the new formal gateway to create a more distinctive and dramatic point of entry for the University of Maryland, Baltimore County campus.
Urban Sign(Vineland, N.J.) was awarded a 2016 Craftsmanship Award by the Building Congress & Exchange for lighting systems used at the monument. Click hereto listen to Chris Gellien, Urban Sign Lead Fabricator, describe the challenges in building this sign.

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