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MFA Museum Exhibition

Exhibitions are the heart of museum practice. They are three-dimensional experiences designed to engage, inspire, and communicate with diverse groups of visitors from all over the world. To this end, the professionals who plan, design and execute museum exhibitions must be diverse in their thinking and skill sets.

For this reason the Museum Exhibition Planning & Design (MEPD) program seeks to accept students with varied backgrounds and does not limit only to the design fields. The MEPD program prepares graduates to excel in the planning, content development and design processes implemented by professionals in the field of museum exhibition creation - from the first spark of an idea through research, prototyping, design, documentation, construction, exhibit opening
to post-opening evaluation and beyond.

The curriculum emphasizes concepts such as spatial sociology, color theory, education theory and sensory perception as communication tools, as well as drawing, building, computer skills, documentation and building techniques. Students also gain experience in critical analysis/synthesis and professional-level written and oral presentations.

Small classes, experienced professional faculty and partnerships with museums
The program is offered with the cooperation of a group of major regional museums, following the guidelines established by the National Association for Museum Exhibition. To preserve the close access to faculty and personal attention of this program, the student body is limited to 10 to 12 students per year.

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