Universal Everything Debuts Book and Podcast

Universal Everything Debuts Book and Podcast (image: book)

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Matt Pyke, founder and creative director of Universal Everything (London), calls his studio a “digital art and design collective." And now, after 15 years of revolutionary work in the digital realm, the studio has its first book: "What is Universal Everything?" (Unit Editions, 2019).

“[Universal Everything] creates gorgeous visual spectacles on screen that, while they will never be attained in physical reality, reinterpret the nuances of natural human motion and seem to have a soul, a heartbeat, and the breath of life.” –Vice

Every cover of "What is Universal Everything?" is unique—a different tipped-in image by Universal Everything graces the cover of each edition. As Pyke notes: “We developed software to generate random combinations of shapes, colors and sizes with collision detection. Thousands of unique graphic compositions have been generated...Everyone owns a one-off.”

The book is printed in CFYK (F for ‘fluorescent’). This color has been specially created and mixed. It was inspired by the salmon pink fluoro used for a Barcelona away kit that Matt Pyke spotted at the city’s airport. A swatch was then sent to the book’s printer, who had the ink matched and mixed by their Japanese ink supplier for lithographic printing. The result is a retina-scorching color that is used throughout the book. But that’s not all: Nearly all the work featured in this book has been re-rendered at high-resolution, allowing the full majesty of Universal Everything’s screen-based work to be captured on the printed page.

The book features essays and interviews, as well as an extensive listing of Matt Pyke’s numerous sources of inspiration—from music to literature; from places to food. And, while the studio’s projects nearly always exist in a digital space, each begins life as a sketch on paper—a selection of these are included in the book. They've also launched the first in a series of Unit Editions podcasts.

To hear Matt Pyke talk about his work and his thoughts on Universal Everything’s first book, visit: https://soundcloud.com/uniteditions 

To purchase, visit: https://uniteditions.com/products/universal-everything

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