Unified Field and Neurosociety Win the Jim Blackaby Memorial Muse Award

Neurosociety with David Byrne and Unified Field

The American Alliance of Museums has awarded Unified Field the prestigious Jim Blackaby Memorial Award at the 2017 Muse Awards for their collaboration with The Institute Presents: Neurosociety. Introduced in 2004, the Jim Blackaby Ingenuity Award is considered a "best in show." The award recognizes a project that exemplifies the power of creative imagination in the use of media and technology—a project that has a powerful effect on its audience and stands above the others in inventiveness and quality. The honor was awarded to David Byrne’s Todomundo, Unified Field, Pace Gallery and Yannick Leblanc. The award was accepted by Marla Supnick, CEO of Unified Field, who worked in collaboration with the team on the design and production of the technology for the performance exhibition. The exhibition won a second award, a Bronze placement in the "Interpretive Interactive Installation" category.

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