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Provider of the multi-touch digital signage solution umaSKIN.

uma was founded in 1994 in Austria, but has been a globally thinking company in its 22 years of existence.

Being an awarded leader of innovation within our field, we have been able to provide high end solutions to MNC’s as well as small and mid sized companies in the DACH region, the UK and the US as well as in the CEE market.

Our expertise lies in semantic content aggregation combined with multi-user multi-touch interaction

Imagine you walk by a wall and the wall starts to react on you, presenting you information based on your interests and allowing you, as individual or group, to communicate easily. The information contextually evolves based on your interest and interaction.

The umaSKIN platform provides customers with a unique experience.

The innovative approach of SKIN® is the combination of interactive and social media and multitouch installations into one highly adaptive and intelligent wall.

The social web has shifted power to your customers, allowing them to express resonance.

We want to help you to leverage this shift and use it actively to your advantage.

umaSKIN offers
interactive multi-media experience with multiuser and multi-touch functionality. Semantic content composition, strong visual appearance and passive or active interactions gives the user unique possibilities to find and use technology that meets specific information needs.

umaSKIN provides
a playful multimedia experience with your Brand and Portfolio, combined with contextualized information like related live Twitter Feeds, Facebook pages, YouTube Videos and other web sources.

umaSKIN enables
central management of Hardware, Software and Content and gives you localized play-out options. With the Intel AIM Suite, you can get metrics about your audience like gender, age, and interest.

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