Udo Schliemann Inducted into the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts

Udo Schliemann Inducted into the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts

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Since 1880, The Royal Canadian Academy of Arts has continued to represent many of Canada’s most distinguished visual artists and designers. The mission of the organization is to encourage younger generations, ensure the collection of works by living Canadian artists and host events for the exchange of ideas. Through a peer-driven process they also honor artists and designers who have achieved particular excellence and innovation in their field, with the coveted RCA distinction.

At its 138th annual general assembly in Ottawa, the RCA announced the induction of Udo Schliemann, Entro’s principal creative director. Schliemann hails from Würzburg, Germany, where he graduated from the Technical College for Design Würzburg. After school, he began working for Stankowski + Duschek in Stuttgart, attaining the position of Studio Manager and Associate before departing in 1999 for Toronto to begin work for Gottschalk+Ash Int'l (now Entro). He has taught courses at university, been a frequent design lecturer, has received dozens of awards for his work, which is also oft published.

"The body of my work in recent years shows more and more the combination of graphic patterns and images for visual concepts in the environment," writes Schliemann of his work. "These designs support wayfinding as they function as landmarks in a building, but they also add a poetic and reflective atmosphere in our technological driven world."

Through Schliemann’s invaluable contributions to design, he has proven to embody the objectives of The Royal Canadian Academy of Arts—encouraging, improving, promoting, supporting and cultivating the visual arts. 

Congratulations, Udo!

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